Social Responsibility

Employee Responsibility

Guarantees for employees’ rights:

Employees are valuable assets of a company and the foundation of its development. IBe Group insists on people oriented. Our staff is fully respected and their legal interests are guaranteed. Diverse culture is encouraged here. The practical problems and the problems our staff concern most will be our company’s concentration. We strive for benefiting all staff with our developing achievement.

IBe Group strictly observe Labor Law of the People’s Republic of China, Law of the People’s Republic of China on Employment Contracts and other relative laws and regulations published by the local government. IBe executes in strict rotation the Code of Conduct for Sony Group Manufacturers. We have established fairly sophisticated recruitment management system, including the labor contract management system, pay insurance and welfare system, assessment system, reward and punishment system, job training system, holiday system and so on.

IBe insists on equal treatment to all staff of different countries, nationalities, races, sexes, religions and culture backgrounds. We firmly object hiring or using child labor. We resist compulsory labor in all forms. In the company, female are enjoying the equal rights with male. All staff’s contract rate and insurance rate have reached 100%.

IBe provides free accommodation for all staff. Our canteen changes dishes every day. There is canteen satisfaction questionnaire for our staff every month. IBe offers social security for all regular workers.


Employees’ communication:

A harmonies atmosphere exists in our company. Communication is efficient and unobstructed between employees and between employees and leaders;
An office communication software IMO is used for all staff to contact any employee or leader in our company;
IBe’s internal BBS is used to provide a platform for all staff to express feelings and give suggestions.
IBe’s internal newspaper is used for our employees to write stories of IBe and them. Employees are encouraged to contribute articles by rewards.

Care for employees

The personnel department comes to know about employees’ new movements every month and provide a timely solution to the emerging problems.

There is a good atmosphere between superiors and subordinates. The leaders concern a lot about employees’ welfare, work, life, health and psychological status. Employees have easy access to convey their problems and thus have problems resolved as soon as possible.

IBe organizes regular travels for all staff. Each department irregularly organizes staff activities. For example, all staff in IBe went to the beautiful Sanya on Hainan Island in 2011, and all staff went to the elegant and graceful Zhangjiajie in Hunan in 2012. A barbecue on the Rock Lake for all staff was organized in May 19th 2013. On June 28th the same year, we had a fire escape drilling. On September 28th the same year, we celebrated IBe’s 14th anniversary.

A barbecue on the Shiyan Lake


a fire escape drilling


IBe’s 14th anniversary



Employees’ development:

1.employees’ career plan:
Employees should submit their career plan while signing the labor contract.
Employees should make their own career plan according to their willing, interest, dream, ability and specialty.
2.employees job skill training:
New employees should take part in pre-job training for knowledge and skills;
On-the-job employees should participate targeted skill training.
3.a just, open and fair promotion access