Social Responsibility

Product Liability

Lean production:
Lean production is a constant work flow rather than in batches and wait in line. It is also known as eliminating waste and empowering workers, reduced inventory and improved productivity. We are able to make changes quickly; we are able to respond faster to market demands than our competitors could.
1. Eliminate waste
2. Minimize inventory
3. Maximize flow
4. Pull production from customer demand
5. Meet customer requirements
6. Do it right the first time
7. Empower workers
8. Design for rapid changeover
9. Partner with suppliers
10. Create a culture of teamwork

ODM services
IBe dedicates itself to be recognized as a highly reliable ODM service provider of small to middle sized companies globally. Our goal is to strive for the rapid development of small to middle sized enterprises.
Our services include PCB design, raw material purchasing, PCB fabrication, components purchasing, PCB assembly, prototyping, test, logistics and other value-added services.

Quality Control:

1.Engineering pretreatment before production
MI producing; engineering examination and approval; EQ
2.Production process control (5Ms)
Man: strict employment rules; trainings for new employees; work license

Machines: top-class facilities including automatic exposure machine, 2D/3D test instrument, AOI scanning equipment, AOI analysis equipment, E-test line; automatic immersion copper line, automatic plating line and so on; machine maintenance before each operation.

Material: professional purchasing team; the ability of purchasing hard-to-get materials; using different colors to differentiate good boards and defective boards.

Method: IPC-Ⅱ(if required, we can also do IPC-Ⅲ); operation instruments; production records.

Milieu (meaning environment): strict control of the production environment on dust, temperature and humidity; dust-free room: 10 thousand grade cleanse room and 100 thousand grade cleanse room.
3.Strict QA
100% E-test, 100% visual inspection;
AOI inspection, X-ray inspection;
High-voltage test, impedance control test;
Micro section, soldering capacity; thermal stress test, shocking test;
Insulting resistance test; ionic cleanliness test etc.

Customer service:

1 Pre-sale service
We have experienced sales , engineer, and quality control people to form a unite to follow up your projects.
2 Good Quality, Timely Shipment and Attractive Price
Advanced Auto Equipments guarantees good quality
Shipment service
Advanced Auto Equipments increase productivity greatly to lower purchase cost and enhance market competitiveness
3 Flexible payment terms
According to the yearly order value, we can offer TT, NET30/NET60. It will help customer to gain more amount turnover.
4 VIP Service
Fast quotation
Regular report on production schedule
Rapid response to the questions, enquiries or complaints
5 Value-added services
Optimize your supply chain
We will help you optimize your supply chain by finding new suppliers, such as component supplier
6 Technical Supports
DFM service to improve the manufacturing ability
Positive analysis and constructive proposal to potential design problems

Customers’ information protection:

Customers’ name is replaced by code and only our internal staff can understand the information;
Customers’ information can only be seen by the relevant salesmen and the sales manager. If other salesmen want to see, they must get the authorization.
Important information of customers will be protected by signing confidentiality agreement.

We promise that customers’ information will not be disclosed to the third party except under the following circumstances:
--with customers’ permission
--customers’ information is required according to laws and regulations