Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Support for education
Help the disaster area
Social contribution
Emphasis on women’s rights
Care for children in poverty and support for education in rural areas


During the Middle Autumn Festival holidays in October 2009, under the guidance of CEO, near 30 volunteers in IBe including employees in oversea sales department and supervisors in other departments gave a donation in a hope primary school in Guizhou. We had a communication with the kids in school one by one and donate books and other supplies to each kid. Because it was near Middle Autumn Day, President Chen also prepared moon cakes for the kids. The kids were very happy to have the books, moon cakes and other supplies.

During the communication one by one, we got to know the poor living conditions and the desire for knowledge of the kids. Together with their blessings, all volunteers took out money and give it to the kids.

When we were leaving, the school leaders, teachers and the kids waved good-bye to us. Many of the colleagues expressed their desires to come back and see the kids in the future.

Except this, IBe Group has donated for many times to the disaster areas such as flood area, earthquake area and typhoon area. No matter when, IBe can always respond and give our hands the first time around.

Our staff are very active in taking part in social activities including helping the lonely elderly person, the disabled and the extremely poor workers. There is an employee with leg disease in IBe’s material department. He is valued and helped by our company.

IBe pay much attention on women’s rights. We strive for the improvement of female workers’ living standards and the satisfaction of their inner demands.